Two Programs Working Together to Make A Difference

What is Project TAPESTRY?

Project TAPESTRY (Taking All Pathways of Educational Success TReclaim our Youth) is a program dedicated to creating trusting, meaningful, and positive relationships with families and students at risk of not graduating high school.  Our staff work with the at risk students to re-engage them in their educational journey.  Project TAPESTRY provides a safe environment in the school for students to grow and develop with the support and guidance of our staff.  Student Advocates monitor the grades, behavior, and attendance on a daily basis and work to overcome any barriers to the students success.  Student Advocates also provide mentoring and social-emotional learning for our students.  Project TAPESTRY reaches out to the community and families to encourage support at each level.  Project TAPESTRY coordinates with the school staff to identify and refer students who can benefit from our program.

Our Current Districts

What is Seniors Plus Credit Recovery?

Seniors Plus Credit Recovery is a program for students who were not able to earn enough credits to graduate on time, which offers the opportunity to earn credits towards a high school diploma.  Students are provided a safe and encouraging learning environment, located in the high school building.  Students work at their own pace in a self directed online learning program.  The classroom is led by a district employee and a co-teacher to provide one to one instruction and a classroom structure.  Seniors Plus works with each student to provide a flexible schedule to benefit the students who often carry many other responsibilities and struggles, in addition to school.

Why Project TAPESTRY and Senior’s Plus?

Project TAPESTRY and Seniors Plus were first created through the High School Graduation Initiative grant from the Federal Government to improve school engagement in areas where dropping out had become the norm.  Since then, the need for programs like Seniors Plus and Project TAPESTRY have grown.  Our programs have developed an important role in the monitoring, mentoring, and encouraging at-risk students and their families.  Project TAPESTRY  targets incoming Freshmen and Sophomores to ensure that students start out on the right foot.  Social/Emotional development is key to helping students be successful in transitioning to High School.  With our support, we believe that students can develop the skills necessary to be successful in earning their high school diploma.  Students who transition from our program back to the school will show improved attendance, grades, and behaviors.  Our staff is highly trained and hold degrees in Counseling, Social Work and have real life experience to understand the unique struggles and help pave the way for success.

Seniors Plus takes another approach to helping students earn their High School diplomas.  Seniors Plus will help increase graduation rates by reclaiming the students who were not able to graduate on time.  Many students who are not able to graduate on time face unique challenges upon returning to school, and our staff provides the environment necessary for the students to be successful.

By adequately addressing the needs of at-risk students, we will see fewer students, who are capable of earning their diploma, fall through the cracks.  Seniors Plus and Project TAPESTRY are not simply about working with at-risk students, but also creating a more positive environment for all students, families, and communities.  Graduating high school is an important step in helping our youth achieve their potential and life goals.  Having a positive impact on just one at-risk youth has the potential to help a community for generations.  Project TAPESTRY and Seniors Plus are currently being implemented in the Leyden and J.S. Morton school districts.

Our goal is to support school districts in reaching all students.  Project TAPESTRY and Seniors Plus will help school districts increase graduation rates, increase the Average Daily Attendance of students, and reduce behavioral and academic disruptions.