Parents and/or Guardians:

This year your child will be engaged in Project TAPESTRY.  Our team is going to be working hard to make sure your child is in school everyday, making progress towards earning their HS diploma, and making positive growth as a person.  You have seen why it is vital to have positive involvement in your child’s education.  Now we want you to understand how we can work together to ensure the best outcomes for our students.

It is important for our staff to know where our students are everyday.  If we see that a student is not in school or has an unexcused absence, you may receive a call from your child’s Student Advocate.  Oftentimes students will try to get away with things because of communication errors with the school and family, one of our most important goals is to bridge this gap.  It is extremely important that our staff is aware of any circumstances in which the child will be absent from school.  Attendance is one of the key indicators of success in school.  The more your child is in the classroom, the more likely they will be to achieve their HS diploma.

Our staff also works with students to overcome any obstacles in the way of success.  This includes factors related to your child’s physical and mental well being.  For our staff to be able to understand the whole picture of what is going on, it is very helpful to know what is happening with the child outside of school as well.  Please inform your child’s advocate of any issues that you may be experiencing at home.  Many of our students do experience issues with sleep routines, completing homework, following rules at home, struggling to get to school on time, and so on.  The more we understand about the unique challenges you may face at home, the more prepared we will be to provide proper interventions.

The most important things that you can do as a parent or guardian is to: ask your child about school,  become interested in their classes, teachers, and curriculum, to encourage your child to be in school everyday, participate in school activities and functions, understand how your child will earn credits towards graduation, be aware of how your child is using their time inside and outside of school, and remember that Project TAPESTRY will be there to support you and your student along the way.

When Project TAPESTRY, Morton West, and families work together, you will see improvements in your child’s grades, participation in school, and behavior.  We look forward to getting to know you and your child for the duration of your participation in Project TAPESTRY.  We will be there to support you and your child in times of need, and we will stand proudly with you as your child walks across the stage to receive their High School diploma!